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Be in Business for Yourself but not by Yourself with the Worlds #1 Glass Treatment Brand

We're looking for energetic individuals who want to dictate their own earning capacity and work/life balance by becoming licensed ClearShield Applicators

ClearShield has been the leader in the field of durable 'non-stick' glass protection for nearly 40 years. ClearShield converts ordinary glass into 'non-stick' easy to clean glass and continues to perform for up to 15 years. A unique polymeric resin, ClearShield is applied to ordinary glass in a liquid form, simply by wiping onto the glass surface. Unlike a coating, ClearShield becomes part of the glass through strong chemical cross-linking of molecules.
Recently awarded the prestigious 'Green Mark' award, which incorporates internationally recognised best practices in environmental design and performance, ClearShield is also recognised as the only safe, non-hazardous glass protection available.

In an exciting time for ClearShield, we are now looking for applicators to join us and to represent us in all states in Australia.
As a fully trained and licensed applicator, the ClearShield package is designed to provide the tools required to apply this world renown technology.

There is an endless supply of glass available with showers, pool fencing, splashbacks, residential and commercial, solar, architectural and transport, just waiting for you to target. ClearShield also has a proven glass restoration system that is also covered by your investment and adds to potential income.

The benefits of ClearShield when applied to glass include...

* Reduces frequency of cleaning by at least 50%
* Reduces cleaning time in some cases by up to 85% resulting in huge labour saving costs
* Glass retains it's clarity, unlike ordinary glass
* Creates a more hygienic environment
* Does not support the growth of bacteria
* Resists staining from hard water deposits and other airborne contaminants
* Comes with a 15 years warranty
* Protects clients investment
* The only glass surface treatment (GST) not classified as hazardous (fact)

A background in the glass industry is not essential as training is provided via a remote training facility in London. The business package cost ($8,500 + GST) includes training, marketing material and enough product to achieve over 20k of work for your initial investment. This is not a franchise, so there are no ongoing fees, only the cost of re-ordering product which equates to around 10% of potential revenue earnings. We supply the technology and training for you to operate your own business as a sole trader, company or partnership. ClearShield is proven worldwide as the Glass Surafce Protection market leader, has many competitive advantages and high profile accounts that will provide you with plenty of leverage when approaching potential clients.

To be successful as a licensed applicator you'll need to possess the enthusiasm and drive to generate your own business and build industry relationships.

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