About Us



The Concept & Start-Up

The story of ClearShield® began in 1981, when Stephen and Karen Byers investigated the potential for low-maintenance glass. They subsequently acquired rights to new technology for glass surface protection. Extensive research and improvements to the original formula followed, and the technology branded 'ClearShield'® was born. Since 1981, ClearShield® has been synonymous with superior glass performance and has won multiple awards for its technology and innovation. 

A Superior Product & Performance

For over 35 years, the company developed the market for glass surface protection in the flat glass industry, effectively leading the industry and gaining immense field experience with its high quality technology, the ClearShield® System.

ClearShield® 'Non-Stick' Glass™ has gained wide recognition and acceptance in the processing of glass as the industry and end-users of glass have become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass so that it keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time.

The dedication to developing a superior product culminated in being awarded the prestigious "Green Mark Award" by the Singapore Green Building Council in 2018. 

Becoming ClearShield® Eco-Glass & Restoration in Australia

In 2020, ClearShield® Eco-Glass & Restoration acquired a license to apply ClearShield® products in Australia. Our dedicated team of applicators look forward to helping our clients reduce their cleaning & maintenance requirements and improve the appearance of glass and other materials around the country. As a licensed applicator of ClearShield® products, we're dedicated to creating a clean and sustainable future built on outstanding service, superior products and undertaking every job with with safety at heart and a commitment to operating as eco-friendly as possible.

Unequalled Technology. Unrivalled Experience. Unbeatable Performance. Unbelievable Results.

That's our promise.