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ClearShield has been helping businesses and individuals all over the world with glass protection for more than 35 years. ClearShield is the only glass surface protection to stand the test of time. Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say..

"Golden Homes, have for the past 18 months employed the services of ClearShield to treat and protect all of their shower glass and splashbacks in their new builds. We consider "glass protection" as more of a necessary requirement nowadays, particularly for shower glass. Having tried other glass protection products with mixed results, we now consider ClearShield to be a superior and safer product to offer our valued clients. As a leading home build company, we insist on quality, value and innovation. It was therefore fitting to have ClearShield become our preferred choice in glass protection. We have eliminated complaints and enjoy the business relationship we have."

David Grigor
Director - Golden Homes

"We’ve been using ClearShield on the yacht now for two years and it has been absolutely brilliant at keeping the glass looking great and easy to clean. Previously I’ve been using Rain-x, which doesn’t work nearly as well and needs applying every few months. ClearShield has lasted well and coped with the rigours of the marine environment. I wouldn’t be without it."

SY Erica XII

"We had ClearShield applied to our glass and the results stand firm today. These areas require far less frequent cleaning and maintenance. We required a product that could withstand both organic and inorganic contamination, was safe to apply and performed up to expectations. ClearShield was technology unequalled, so became our No.1 choice in glass protection."

Auckland International Airport

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