Clearshield® Eco-Glass Protection

For clean, hygienic glass surfaces where they are needed most

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ClearShield® Eco-Glass creates an anti-microbial environment and easy-clean surfaces.

The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Coronavirus has been a sobering lesson in the perils of complacency when it comes to hygiene. Few people will ever forget the effect this global event has had on our lives, and there’s no doubt that the awareness around hygiene and virus transmission has never been higher.

These events have brought to the fore a crucial benefit of ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield® Eco-Glass  that transcends its incredible ability to retain an ‘as-new’ appearance and greatly reduce cleaning costs and effort.

Powered by award-winning ClearShield® durable glass protection, ClearShield® Eco-Glass possesses an anti-microbial surface and is used worldwide to promote the highest standards of hygiene in public spaces. Put simply, bacteria, viruses and fungi will not adhere or multiply on ClearShield Eco-Glass®.

Independent laboratory testing in the UK has proved ClearShield®  provides an astonishing level of protection from bacteria, viruses and fungi which normally adhere to ordinary, unprotected glass.


ClearShield® for  Food & Hygiene

ClearShield® protects glass and ceramic surfaces to make them easy-clean and stain-resistant, while creating an anti-microbial environment where good hygiene is paramount. Clearshield® Hygiene Package is perfect for:

  • High foot-traffic doors & partitions
  • Hospitals, medical surgeries and labs
  • Food cabinets, displays and refrigeration units
  • Public washrooms
  • Service desk screens
  • Spa's, gyms sports centres and swimming pools
  • Restaurants and hotels
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ClearShield® Heat Performance

Enjoy all the benefits of ClearShield® food & hygiene protection where higher heat-resistance is required. Such as:

  • Ovenware
  • Glass oven doors
  • Glass hobs
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ClearShield® Food & Hygiene and Heat Performance are the latest additions to the proven ClearShield® glass surface protection range, providing effective protection against staining and discolouration and adhesion and growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi on surfaces in food processing plants, restaurants and hospitals.

Both formulations meet European Union (EU) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for direct contact with all types of food, as confirmed by an independent laboratory accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS).

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