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ClearShield® is a unique polymeric resin that bonds to glass, turning ordinary glass into ClearShield® "non-stick" Eco-Glass which is a higher quality of glass that keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and easy cleanability.

We provide fixed prices for cleaning and application to new and used glass showers based on location, shower size and the restoration requirements of used glass. Treatment of all other glass is quoted on a m2 rate. Location, volume and accessibility will impact our quote. Please contact us for a quote for your specific needs. 

With a simple and economical after-care programme, ClearShield® glass looks and performs like new for up to 15 years on exterior glass, up to 10 years on shower glass and 2 years on marine glass. 

We can carry out the application process on new glass at a suppliers factory or warehouse, or it can be applied on-site by a trained applicator.

No, if anything it improves the performance of your glass by maintaining the original performance through keeping glass cleaner and brighter.

Yes, you will still need to maintain your glass although it will be a lot easier and less involved! Just as non-stick cookware still needs cleaning, so does ClearShield® glass. On average cleaning is required less than half as often as untreated glass and you will not require harsh chemicals or abrasives to achieve incredible results. Your ClearShield® glass will be simple, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

For glass already stained and discoloured, provided the ClearShield® renovating system can restore the glass to its original "as new" appearance, then we can treat the surface of glass with ClearShield®. We find our renovating system is effective in restoring 95% of glass.

Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals may still damage ClearShield® glass however, these products are not necessary to use due to the easy clean properties of ClearShield® glass. We provide aftercare products and advice to ensure you get the best performance from your glass. 

No. ClearShield® only works on vitreous surfaces such as glass, ceramics and porcelain. It washes off other surfaces. 

A simple routine of rinsing your glass after use will help to maintain its appearance. We also provide recommended aftercare products that when used occasionally will help to maintain the performance and appearance of ClearShield® glass. Please review our aftercare advice for further details.

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